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Our principal consultant is Nita Patel and among other things she's a sustainability and communication specialist. She started out working in-house for large, global companies managing their environmental, climate, and diversity programmes and moved over to work for a corporate reporting agencies as Head of Corporate Communications and sustainability consultant.  


She's delivered internal and external stakeholder engagement programmes, including delivering the Barclays Climate Series which saw Lord Adair Turner and Sir David King speak to over 100 guests to create tangible change at senior management level to devising Carillion’s Smarter Thinking campaign to drive employees to reduce their business travel costs.


She has consulted on and delivered sustainability communications, including reports and stakeholder campaigns for Allianz, Barclays, BskyB, JPMorgan Chase, Nestle and several US and European multinational organisations, meeting their Global Reporting Index and UN Global Compact reporting requirements. In recent years, she's worked to help a variety of extractive companies think about how to integrate their non-financial reporting into their annual financial reporting communications.


Nita founded Planet Communications to help more companies do better and talk about themselves in a fresh and engaging way for their audiences.  We can't wait to help you do the same.

Putting a decade of communications experience to good use, for you.


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